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“Your are off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way”

Dr Seuss

A mechanical engineer and an MBA by qualification, but an explorer and discoverer by naturalisation. The necessity to travel to unique and obscure locations came about when I landed up a job as a Fracking Engineer in Al Udhailiyah (yes google that you’ll get a bunch of coordinates and thats about it).

The vast deserts, isolated landscapes and diverse environment, had me yearning for some LSD (Lenses, SD cards and a DSLR). Hence, I bought myself my first, a Nikon D3100 with its standard 18-55mm lens (presently upgraded to a Nikon D750).

This was the start of numerous journeys, some I took thereon, and some I had already taken. From the middle of Saudi Arabia to the Siberian landscapes of Russia, from fracking fields of Oklahoma and Texas to the Strawberry Fields outside London’s Abbey Road. European back packing trips, Wildlife conservation game drives, Indian road trips, and many other kinds of trips shall be encapsulated in this photo travel blog journal.

Hope you enjoy it!

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