Siberia – II

“Every now and then people need to be in the presence of things that are really far away.”

Ian Frazier on Travels in Siberia

If there’s one place I have only happy memories from, they would be Tyumen, Siberia. Despite the pressure of keeping a job at slb, Siberia for me only meant good vibes. The locals were extremely friendly, curious about different cultures and communicated at a level deeper than words (quite literally, as many a times not knowing Russian meant a game of charades). Our picture below from a night club, quite aptly summarises this. We were invited on stage solely on the basis of our ‘exoticness’. Following which, we don’t know what they said in Russian. We were exhibited as a foreign species to a packed house of intoxicated and highly spirited Tyumenites, they seemed elated and we in the process won a bottle of local champagne.

Photo from Geometria Club, Tyumen

A particularly memorable day though in Tyumen was a quiet Sunday, when few of us finally got our DSLR’s out to explore town and its ‘day life’. With bright sunny skies, the snow had finally begun to melt, and the town had a photogenic cerulean hue. It was also the first time I saw locks on a bridge, the European version of mannat, or the promise of love. The bridge below with pure passion expressed across the railing fascinated us. We went crazy clicking photographs of colourful locks and graffiti across a semi frozen riverbed. The joy of sunshine with the purity of devotees returning from church brightened and uplifted us and our photography.

Another love affair that began that Sunday was the fascination of capturing crosses, which is visible in the featured image right on top. This was an impulsive click of a huge cross, from a moving vehicle, this was my first capture of motion blur per se. The eerie feeling in the snap, made me realise the true power of a photograph, and the emotion and response that it can generate. As time went by, many such experiments helped me capture the mood of the scene, but more importantly helped freeze a time capsule of my own feeling and mood from back then.

This post would end my journey in Siberia for the time being, but it would mark the beginning of many photo walks and ‘city and architecture’ based snaps.

“A morning affair, with the Tyumen square, snapping saturated hues to capture an insatiable flair,

Crossing blurry lines to abridge the then and now, from a rectangular frame those emotions stare.”

-infinite explorer
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