Saudi to Siberia (+50ºC to -25ºC) – I


“The only road to the office isn’t really a road. The only way to communicate is by satellite. The only solution to the problem is to invent a new technology.

It’s about as far from an ordinary career as you can get”

quote from the same Schlumberger poster as before

Tyumen, Russia

In all honesty, one of my highest motivation to join Schlumberger was to someday make it to Siberia. The boundless blanket of white snow, from where every direction would lead to a new discovery.

However, my first taste of Russia (in all ways) was getting down from an Airport cab about 700 meters from our facility at 4 AM, with a light jacket (warm clothes nicely packed in the bag) and a driver rudely refusing to go closer, it was a mere -25ºC outside and I had flown in from +50ºC Saudi Arabian heat – no biggie. This impression though, was quickly revised, as during those 8 weeks, I fell in love with the cold, weather and Russians.

The SLB, Siberian Training Center had 12 of us from all over the world. We had to train for a high pressure (quite literally dealing with 8000 psi) oil field environment. Every week we had exams – you pass you carry on, you fail, you’re fired (our version of the Hunger Games I guess). Stakes were high but that’s what brought out the best in us.

And of course as we worked hard we partied harder, where most weeks would end with us seeing a sunrise like the one below before we called it a night on Sunday morning. Our nights would begin with Vodka bottles and orange juice on the table in a fancy sit down, through to us on the table dancing with or without the orange juice in a Latin Pub, through to a McDonald’s take out, through to lying in bed (or the snow) by sunrise.

The first month with snowstorms and rain, meant not too much outdoor photography, however the next post will see the sunshine and the city of Tyumen.


In a white cloak the senses awoke, from shooting stars to when the sun broke, shivering to click with sub-zero clime, but oh! that sight made a mock of time.

-infinite explorer
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  1. So beautifully expressed

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  2. Accidentally found this post when blogwalking on WordPress. Hi from another big blue fellow! I had always wanted to go to the STC as well but only when I already joined in I realized that they don’t have trainings for my PL there. Anyhow, I think you’re lucky to have stepped foot in Siberia. It’s my bucket list to travel there as well someday.

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    • Hello Adnabilah,
      Great to hear from you. Absolutely was lucky to have an opportunity to goto Siberia. I ve been there twice but would go back there anyday. Good to e-meet a fellow blue-blood. Hope to see you around.



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